Economic reasons for a green reconstruction programme for Ukraine

On 09 June 2022, VoxUkraine published an article from David Saha, Pavel Bilek, Rouven Stubbe and Manuel von Mettenheim on “Economic reasons for a green reconstruction programme for Ukraine”. The article is based on the LCU policy briefing published in May 2022.

Ukrainian infrastructure has suffered massive damage due to the Russian hostilities, with recent estimates putting the damage to infrastructure at around USD 105.5 bn. We argue that reconstruction should not recreate the old fossil-based pre-war assets. A green reconstruction that replaces old power stations or steel plants with new, green ones and energy-inefficient houses with modern, thermally insulated ones, is vital to Ukraine’s interest and energy security in the future. A crucial task ahead is to design an institutional architecture for a reconstruction programme. In the context of the National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine and of direct advice of the Ukrainian government, we look forward to taking a constructive role in this challenge.