Stabilizing the support for renewables

Key messages:

  • Since 2017 RES capacities are dynamically growing and are likely to cover around 7% of Ukraine`s electricity generation in 2021
  • This positive development towards the targets of the Energy Strategy 2035 comes at excessive costs as the Green Tariff is clearly above the generation cost of RES
  • Significantly cutting the FITs already in 2019 would lead to relevant cost reductions for the period 2019 2030 . However, cost of electricity will rise if Ukraine wants to reach its RES targets
  • In order to keep costs low and to stabilize the RES development a sound and future oriented support scheme is required that balances development and costs and takes into account geographical and grid aspects
Oleksii Mykhailenko, Elias Spiekermann

What is a Policy Briefing?

Similar to Policy Papers, current or possible future policy topics are discussed. The economic analysis and policy recommendations are presented in a concise manner, focussing on the core arguments and results.