Roundtable with Ukrainian Deputy Energy Minister on the strategic vision for Ukrainian Energy sector and pathways towards a green energy transition

Within the framework of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership, Low Carbon Ukraine and the German Energy Agency (dena) organized a closed-door roundtable on the 29th of March with Ukrainian Deputy Energy Minister Yaroslav Demchenkov and leading German and Ukrainian expert organisations on the recovery of the Ukrainian energy sector and pathways towards a green reconstruction.

Ukraine’s energy sector has been one of the main focal points since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Given the destruction of energy infrastructure, including power generation capacity (both renewable and thermal), transmission and distribution systems, significant work will be required to rebuild the sector once Ukraine has won the war. While short-term repairs are already underway, in particular to ensure energy supply to the Ukrainian population during the cold season, longer-term reconstruction offers opportunities to create a lower-emitting, more efficient and economically competitive sector that balances energy security considerations with the green transition.

The event was opened by Robert Kirchner, the Head of Low Carbon Ukraine and Simon Wolffram, Policy Officer at BMWK. During the event, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yaroslav Demchenkov presented an overview of the current situation as well as the goals and principles of Ukrainian energy policy in a keynote speech. A lively and engaging open discussion with participants followed, covering key issues such as the possible pathways for Ukraine’s energy sector, sustainability, resilience and further decentralisation, as well as the role of renewables and nuclear power in the energy mix of the future, and impacts on the wider economy.

We were especially delighted about the participation of the Deputy Minister for Energy Mr. Demchenkov, and the engaging discussion with the audience following the expert input.