Ukrenergo Adequacy Report – Evaluation of power plant park scenarios for 2032

In this Policy Evaluation, we aim to evaluate and compare Ukrenergo’s Adequacy Report with LCU calculations in terms of scenario building, carbon emissions, expansion of renewables and flexibility options for the electricity system by the year 2032. LCU and Ukrenergo envisage a similar development of the electricity system in the coming years. While the share of nuclear in the electricity mix will increase due to political decisions to expand capacity, thermal power plant capacity will decrease significantly due to high investment needs for filters and lifetime extension. While LCU envisages a total phase-out of thermal power plant capacity, Ukrenergo expects further usage of them beyond 2032. Replacing thermal power plants with renewables (wind, solar and biogas) while increasing balancing capacity (gas turbines and possibly batteries) is in line with LCU publications

Manuel von Mettenheim, Rouven Stubbe

What is a Policy Evaluation?

Policy Evaluations asses concrete policies that are planned/ under discussion or already implemented. They aim to add an analytical view on the policy and reform discussions.