Energy Modeling Workshop

Energy Modeling Workshop Poster

On June 29th and 30th, 60 Ukrainian participants from academia, the government, private companies and public energy agencies joined Low Carbon Ukraine and the Kyiv School of Energy Policy for a workshop on energy and electricity system modeling. The event was co-organised with Bruegel and Paris Reinforce.

The participants learned about a variety of different energy models (TIMES Ukraine, PRIMES, TIAM, LEAP) and about their advantages and peculiarities. LCU also presented the in-house developed Optimal Dispatch Model of the Ukrainian electricity system.

External presenters were

  • Jan Abrell, ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW)
  • Rocco De Miglio, E4SMA S.r.l and Paris Reinforce
  • Oleksandr Diachuk of the Institute for Economic Forecasting, as well as
  • Ajay Gambhir, Imperial College London and Paris Reinforce.

LCU’s experts were

  • Lukas Feldhaus, Analyst
  • Manuel v. Mettenheim, Analyst
  • Clemens Stiewe, Consultant
  • Rouven Stubbe, Analyst, and
  • Georg Zachmann, Team leader.

The target of the two days was for the participants to be able to look behind the curtains of modeling, in order to better understand and assess the validity of models’ results. This is especially important, as Ukraine is currently laying out the path for the future of its energy system, with several competing plans and scenarios. Understanding what these scenarios imply and what their projections in terms of costs, energy consumption and emission levels actually mean is thus crucial for researchers and decision-makers.

Please find the documentation of LCU’s energy model of Ukraine here: