Policy reforms supporting Ukraine’s green reconstruction. Keynote presentation for the panel discussion on October 19th, 2022

This Policy Briefing is a short version of LCU’s Policy Proposal “Policy reforms supporting Ukraine’s green reconstruction”, prepared as the keynote presentation to a panel discussion on October 19, jointly organised by the Low Carbon Ukraine team, Ecoaction, and DiXi Group. While there are important economic reasons for a green reconstruction of Ukraine’s electricity, heat, and residential sectors, substantial regulatory obstacles and disincentives need to be overcome to mobilise the necessary investments in low-carbon assets. The Policy Briefing outlines these challenges and regulatory obstacles during Ukraine’s reconstruction and identifies key policy reforms to overcome existing challenges.

Rouven Stubbe

What is a Policy Briefing?

Similar to Policy Papers, current or possible future policy topics are discussed. The economic analysis and policy recommendations are presented in a concise manner, focussing on the core arguments and results.