Existing and past energy & climate-related financing for EU member-states, candidate, and neighbourhood countries

The European Union (EU) provides substantial financial support through loans and grants to its members, candidate countries, and those within its neighbourhood policy framework, with a growing emphasis on energy and climate initiatives. Ukraine’s new status as a candidate country might provide access to additional funds such as the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA). Nevertheless, facing

Impact of the war in Ukraine on countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe: LCU study for the OECD Green Action Task Force

For the annual meeting of the OECD’S Green Action Task Force, we contributed a background study analysing the impact of the war in Ukraine on climate and energy policies in eight countries of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership and Central Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. We find that: Globally, countries

Putting the green reconstruction of Ukraine into action: Requirements for programme design and policy

Low Carbon Ukraine, together with Centre for Environmental Initiatives “Ecoaction” and CEE Bankwatch, have organised a roundtable conference on May 31st. This roundtable brought together over 60 representatives from civil society and industry, as well as national and international experts, to discuss what green reconstruction means concretely in every sector, what barriers to a green